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How much will a speeding ticket cost in California?

Posted by on August 4, 2009


Not proud [forgive me Lord!]

Now that I have first hand knowledge I can confirm the 1-15 m.p.h. over the limit [70mph in a 55] scored me a $202 ticket.  Beauty and I’ll take it since 1]  it was in a construction zone, 2] I was probably going closer to 75, and 3] let’s face it, how often SHOULD we all get tickets and are never caught?

That’s what I thought too…

Best Answer – Chosen by Voters

The statewide schedule calls for a fine of $266 for 16-25MPH over the CVC § 22349(a) speed limit. Monterey County will be within a few dollars of this amount. If you are eligible, traffic school will cost a bit more, but keep it off your record. That is too bad you were going 81MPH since 1-15MPH over the speed limit is a $146 fine.

How much will a speeding ticket cost in California?

I was pulled over and clocked going 81 in a 65 zone in Monterey County (I live in Sonoma County though if that makes a difference). About how much should I expect my ticket to cost me? (I’m not planning on contesting it). Also, I was driving another persons car at the time I got pulled over (I used my insurance and license and showed the cars registration, obviously), will my citation notice thing come to my home address or to the person the car is registered to?


  • 9 months ago

Additional Details

lol, it does sound like I’m trying to buy a speeding ticket (which no one wants to do). Let me rephrase my question here since I can;t change it now. How much will I have to pay after getting a speeding ticket in California?

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